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About Us

About PillarIn practice since 2005, Dr. Athanasios Sarris saw his chiropractic care center grow and develop, soon leading him to seek out a new space. He took over Pillar in 2011 from an existing office that had served the greater Guilderland area for many years.

Your Guide for Health and Life

When you think of a pillar, you think of support. Of strength. Of a solid foundation. We believe in holding up every person who walks through our door, assisting them on their journey through life. Furthermore, we believe chiropractic, exercise and nutrition are the pillars that allow you and your family to live a healthy, abundant lifestyle. We emphasize the importance of chiropractic care for everyone, especially children. In our warm, welcoming environment, you can benefit from the latest technology for objective measurements of your health.

The Care, Information and Encouragement You Need

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to see miracle stories happen for adults and children alike. A child who might have been diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental condition is finally able to develop a relationship with his parents, siblings or classmates. Another with chronic sickness is able to avoid a risky surgical procedure and not suffer anymore thanks to natural health solutions.

We’ll hold your hand every step of the way, facing the obstacles in your life head on with you. Schedule your appointment with our compassionate, caring team today!


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