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Meet Dr. Chris White

As a senior attending SUNY Cortland Dr. White was required to do an internship to finish his degree in fitness development. He decided that he wanted to take his education further and explore chiropractic. A chance meeting with a local chiropractor changed the course of his life forever. During the internship Dr. White saw firsthand patients with chronic conditions get better without medication and heard stories of how chiropractic drastically changed their lives. He also began getting adjusted and saw his athletic performance increase, his recovery time decrease, his allergies almost disappear, and overall stress levels decrease drastically. Dr. White enrolled in New York Chiropractic College the day his internship ended.

A Love of Athletics

Dr. White’s love for sports and education has provided a greater understanding of the bio-mechanics and additional stress athletes put on their body. Through chiropractic care Dr. White has been able to provide his youth and adult athlete clients with the chiropractic care necessary to ensure longevity within their careers.

Personalized Treatment

A major focus of Dr. White’s treatment philosophy is to treat the condition the patient walks in the door with and then understand what underlying issues have caused the pain or dysfunction. Once the underlying issue has been uncovered a proper customized treatment plan is created. This may include anything from adjustments to rehabilitation exercises. This approach is integral in treating the body as a whole and enforcing overall wellness.


Dr. White obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY. There, he supplemented his chiropractic education by working closely with rehab clubs, multiple sport clubs and doing on campus research on the human nervous system. Dr. White also holds certifications in ART, SFMA, Graston, CSCS and RockTape. These certifications have allowed him to work with patients from all walks of life.

A Happy Homecoming

Since graduating Dr. White has worked in the Capital District but was recruited to a group practice in Charleston, South Carolina. After a year he decided to move back home to the Albany area to be with his family and friends and serve the community in which he grew up.

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