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Chiropractic New Patients

New Patients at PillarWelcome to Pillar! We pride ourselves on having a warm, inviting atmosphere that all ages feel relaxed and at home in. We’re not like your typical doctor’s office; instead, our patients say they feel like our space is a breath of fresh air and feel like they are at our home. We look forward to meeting you and your family.

The First Day

We always start our first visit with a complimentary  15-minute conversation with Dr. Athanasios or Dr. Newman. At this time, you’ll learn more about what we do and the technology we use to understand your needs. At the end of those 15-minutes, if you agree that PILLAR is the right place for you or your families chiropractic needs then we will continue at that time with a full Neuro-functional examination, including scans with the Insight™ Subluxation Station.

The Insight technology is very sensitive to out side Nervous System stimulants. We ask that you please refrain from consuming any caffeine or vigorous activities for three hours prior to your appointment time, as the scans may be affected. The average time for a complete Neuro-Functional Exam is about 60 minutes.

The necessary paperwork  for the first visit can be filled out at your convenience from your own home and save you time at your visit. When you call to schedule with one of our team members we will be happy to assist you with this process.

The Second Day

When you return, you’ll meet with one of our chiropractors for a report of findings, that will include your results from your Insight Scan and all the chiropractic findings. We’ll explain how your health may be affected by the stresses your body is facing and what we feel we can do to help. A plan of action will be prepared to help you meet your goals, completely customized to you and your child. Once you have had an opportunity to meet with one of our doctors, you will meet with a staff member to go over your financial options and how your insurance may or may not participate with your care.

This visit takes approximately 45 minutes.

Following Up

We take pride in our schedule. It is very rare to find yourself  waiting around to be seen by one of our practitioners.

When you come in the office for follow up visits, you will sign in letting us know you have arrived and are ready to be seen. At that time one of our team members will direct you or your family to the proper adjusting table. The actual adjustment takes only a few minutes, however please leave a few extra minutes in your schedule to look around the office and learn some new fun facts about your health and the amazing power of your body.  Don’t be surprised if you even run into an old friend while your here. It happens all the time!

We have an open office layout that makes it easy for family members to come in and been seen at the same time.

Learning Opportunities Offered

Teaching you more about your health is a vital component to staying well. We offer workshops in the office and out in the community, as well as webinars that you’re welcome to attend. You’ll find many other resources in our office, such as articles of the week and newsletters.

Contact us today to find out when our next talk will be held!


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