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Nutrition and Life Coaching in Guilderland

Nutrition and Life Coaching in GuilderlandWhen you’re building a home, you want the best contractor so that you know it’s constructed efficiently and with the best materials so that your house is strong.

Your body can be thought of like your house. The best contractor for it is your nervous system, which ensures that you grow and develop. The materials, then, are what you put into it: your nutrition. Chiropractic care focuses on the health of your nerve supply and making sure that your brain is communicating to the rest of your organs and body. With Nutrition Response Testing our focus is to make sure you have the right to build and grow a strong foundation.

Getting Started

You’ll meet with Beth, our Nutrition Response Testing practitioner and life coach, to discuss your needs and goals. While we do not “treat conditions”, we know from research and experience that when an individual no longer can adapt to his/her environment, symptoms, illnesses, and disease are to follow. Some of the most common stressors besides the emotional ones that we often think of first can include but is not limited to foods, metals, chemicals, and auto-immune challenges. that Some of our clients want to lose weight. Others have health concerns and would like to take a natural approach to address items like (IBS, depression, anxiety, menstrual issues). The solutions we may recommend to you include whole foods, supplements, exercises, eliminating chemicals and toxins or a certain diet that will work best for you.

If you’re working with us on behalf of your child, we’ll teach you how to make an impact on your child’s health and overall function. You’ll have the materials to educate your children, too, so that they’re empowered to live better now and in the future.

The life changes we’ll recommend are focused on promoting a long-term transformation. Vitamins and minerals are sold in our office from Standard Process®, Protocol for Life Balance® and Nordic Naturals®.

The initial examination fee is $200 and will take 2 hours. During this initial visit we will discuss your goals, past/current health history, common foods you eat/crave, and past/present eating habits. We will perform a complete Nutrition Response Testing analysis of your organs, tissues and functions to locate any weaknesses that may be disrupting your bodies normal healthy functions. Through this analysis and the content you have provided we are able to determine an individual plan that is just right for you.  At your second appointment we will review your goals, your individualized plan, and your financial options. This appointment will take 45 minutes. Follow-ups take 15 minutes for system checks.

Enhancing Your Relationships

Along with nutritional help, we understand the importance of building and strengthening the relationships in your life. In today’s digital age, it’s all too easy to forget about communicating with our loved ones. We’ll discuss the tools you need so you can interact with people confidently.

To learn more about nutrition and life coaching in Guilderland, contact us today!


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