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Pediatric Chiropractic in Guilderland

Pediatric Chiropractic Care in GuilderlandIf you change the health of today’s children, you can transform the entire world’s future. At Pillar, we see kids with richer life quality thanks to chiropractic care. We believe your young ones should be able to enjoy a childhood, going outside, not having to take medications, exploring and doing what children should do. Dr.Athanasios seeks to work with your child so that they can be vibrant, express emotions properly and avoid common problems in adulthood.

When should a child start chiropractic care?

Health issues become more serious and complicated if left untreated. You can think of it like pulling a weed — if you do so right away, you’ll get the root out, and it won’t return. If you wait until the weed is older, taller and stronger, however, it’s tough to remove the entire growth.

How will you know what my child needs?

We complete the same state-of-the-art testing for children and adults alike. Our techniques are also suitable for kids, and we make sure they feel at ease and comfortable before starting.

Is it safe?

Our approach to pediatric care is safe, specific and gentle. There is no popping, twisting or turning during the adjustment.

One of our favorite success stories is about a boy who was having neurological issues. The left and right parts of his brain weren’t connected, and his brain function was decreasing continuously. His mom was a patient with Dr. Athanasios and asked if he could help. “I told her that I believed without a doubt that yes, we could!”

Within three weeks of care, her son came in for an appointment and waved to our chiropractic assistant, something he’d never done before. He later said “Dad” for the first time. His parents were able to connect with him on a level they never thought would be possible.

To get started with pediatric chiropractic in Guilderland, contact our friendly team today! You’re welcome to book a group appointment for family health chiropractic care.


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